Good News: Our Students Won Awards in Jiangsu English Writing Competition of the National "FLTRP Guocai Cup" (Higher Vocational Group)

Publisher:英文站Release Time:2021-11-14Number Of Visits:10

On October 31st, Jiangsu English Writing Competition of the National FLTRP Guocai Cup (Higher Vocational Group) in 2021 was held in Changzhou Vocational Institute of Industry Technology, and three students of our school, Xu Nan,Zhou Tingyu and Ma Yue won awards. In the Non-English Major Group, Xu Nan won the first prize and Zhou Tingyu won the second prize. As for theEnglish Major Group, Ma Yue won the third prize.

The competition attracted 152 players from 66 colleges and universities in the province, and it was very fierce. The three contestants of our school prepared well before the competition and played stably on the field, which fully demonstrated the students' ability in English learning.

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