The Party Secretary Liu Hongming Went to the Front Line to Guide the Work of Epidemic Prevention and Control on Campus

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On the afternoon of March 11th, Liu Hongming, Secretary of the school's Party Committee, accompanied by the relevant personnel from the school's Office of the Party Committee, Security Department, and Logistics Department, went to the front line to guide the work of epidemic prevention and control on campus.

Liu Hongming came to the workplace of the Security Office and the Logistics Office (joint office) to enquire about the management and control of personnel access, the material preparation for the epidemic prevention and control, and the Logistics staff’s information of medical screening. In the cafeterias of the campus, he asked for the information about whether the cafeteria staff were wearing masks correctly during the operation and whether there was imported frozen food, and he also inquired the person in charge about the difficulties and problems encountered in the epidemic prevention and control work.

Everywhere Liu Hongming went, He talked with the staff cordially and thanked them for their hard work at the crisis. He emphasized that it was necessary to be united together and to shoulder responsibilities. He stated that with all the preparations and experience, our school must strive for the epidemic prevention and control work and ensure the health and safety of teachers and students throughout the school.

Zhang Jiting, Director of the Security Department and Logistics Department (joint office), reported on the spot on the recent epidemic prevention and control work.

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